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Samir H Bhatt Shares Guide to the best destinations for a family vacation in the USA

Family getaways are an incredibly integral event of a family life. In order to be fully functional, healthy, and social, you need to go for such trips from time to time explains Samir H Bhatt. While deciding to go for a family trip is easy, selecting the best destination is exactly not. Despite the high richness of family destinations in the USA, both kid and elderly-friendly, people often find it difficult to scale down to one best vacation destination. If you are one of them, you have found the right source for you. This article will guide you through the best destinations for a family vacation in the USA. 

Grand Canyon 

If you want to experience an adrenaline rush or thrill-seeking rides, start off with sky walking in the Grand Canyon in Arizona. You can also go for hiking on foot or bikes. It is best to take elder family members for the rides, and not kids—to be safe. However, you may opt for guided hikes, which are especially useful when you have kids on the trip.

Myrtle Beach

Reserve a beach resort for your family vacations to spend a chilled and relaxed vacation in one of those white sand beaches. Myrtle beach has an interesting resort line that offers indoor and outdoor entertainment facilities. This is an ideal vocational destination if all you and your family want to do is connect with the nature and yourselves.

New York City

If you want to experience an elite taste in your vacation, then go to New York City and you might not even need a prior plan or guide. The city is so lively and radiates modern cultural vibes, leaving you feel fascinated throughout your stay there says Samir H Bhatt. You can start with visiting the famous destinations such as the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), Rockefeller Center, etc. Besides, take your kids to the Central Park Zoo for creating fun and exciting memories.

Ocean City

Ocean City offers one of the best family experiences because you can find fun elements and something enjoyable for all age groups. For you kids and other family members, Ocean City Boardwalk is the spot where they can enjoy amusing rides, go shopping and enjoy the beauty of mother nature at its best. The elder family members can also enjoy the culturally rich spots. Such as the Harriet Tubman Park and Visitor Center and the OC Life-Saving Station Museum as recommended by Samir H Bhatt.


Sandusky is an epitome of kid-friendly activities be it indoor or outdoor. If you kids are a fan of amusement parks, think no further. You can visit the Cedar Point and Castaway Bay Waterpark for indoor fun watery segments. Also, for outdoorsy adventures such as ferry rides, you can visit to Kelleys Island.

Hopefully, you have got a few ideas that suit your family the best. You should remember that a destination should be so selected. That can be approved by not only the elder members but also your kids. If they do not have fun on the trip, it is not worth it. So, plan your itinerary in such a way so that there is something enjoyable and fun for everyone. It might seem intimidating and difficult at first, but once you start fishing out destinations. And jot them down somewhere according to the taste of your family individuals, it becomes very easy and free flowing.

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