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Samir H Bhatt: Bitcoin As An Investment- Is It A Wise Decision?

The journey to becoming a cryptocurrency millionaire is complicated and fraught with financial risk explains Samir H Bhatt. However, once you get the hang of it, nothing stops you. In the early days when Bitcoin became popular, an investment strategy that would have been successful was mining coins outright. 

Over time, this has changed, and now it is best to buy coins on marketplaces rather than mine them yourself. To make the most out of your investment, you need to understand what makes Bitcoin a better alternative than fiat currencies. Here’s a rundown of why Bitcoin is the best investment option for you.

Peer-to-peer Digital Transaction

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer currency. It enables direct transactions without an intermediary like a bank or payment gateway and eliminates fraud risks on money transfers. Deleting customer accounts and reducing customer balances are two examples of how fraudsters can victimize Bitcoin users across the globe. As a result, many investment specialists like Samir H Bhatt consider digital assets the future financial market.

Blockchain Security

Bitcoin has successfully maintained its security since 2009. A standard brick-and-mortar bank can go bankrupt even if it maintains 100% customer data security in the offline mode. But Bitcoin is not the same, which keeps its security over laptop, tablet, or desktop computers for all customers worldwide. You can use your bank account or debit card through the payment gateway, making it very easy, secure, and fast to navigate through the purchase process.

Currency Stability

Bitcoin is internationally accepted as a good currency alternative and is pegged to the USD, Pound, and Euro. It, therefore, maintains its value against these currencies. It can’t be hacked or altered as it works anonymously on the blockchain. Bitcoin is borderless and works in all countries without regulatory oversight or interference. Anyone with a credit card and internet connection can purchase Bitcoin online, which removes the barriers of geographical locations. 

Currency Independence

It is a good alternative to fiat currencies as Bitcoin does not depend on any local or federal government for its creation and supply says Samir H Bhatt. Governments cannot influence Bitcoins’ supply availability and instead remain stable in their value due to it being open-source software that anyone can customize and use for their purposes.

Works Great As A Hedge Against Inflation

The value of fiat currencies is in constant flux, which affects people’s savings and pensions. While the United States started to back up its fiat currency with gold reserves in 1934, it was not enough to bring stability to its currency because people had begun to distrust the central bank. Buying Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies will give you a hedge against inflationary pressures. 

Also, you are not restrain by any trading fees according to market trends. As you can buy coins instantly with minimal costs. The real demand for Bitcoin is far more than supply as people are getting on board to invest in it without even realizing what they’re going for. Investing your money with Bitcoin can be significantly rewarding for you, only if you make logical and educated investment decisions.

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