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Two Things We Can Learn From Businesses – Samir H Bhatt

Two Things We Can Learn From Businesses - Samir H Bhatt

Businesses are amazing feats of organizational planning and can teach us a lot if we pay attention. From small businesses to large corporations, there are two major principles that can be learned and applied as we move forward. First is the importance of continuous learning and honing in on new knowledge – something all smart business owners make sure they do. Second is being conscious of our decisions and being accountable for them – something every successful company strives to uphold no matter the odds against them. Whether you’re running your own business or simply looking for personal growth, these two things, as per Samir H Bhatt, will help you succeed in any undertaking.

Samir H Bhatt Lists Surprising Life Lessons Our Businesses Can Teach Us

1. Keep Learning: It’s easy, as per Samir H Bhatt, to become complacent or feel like we no longer have anything left to learn once we hit a certain level of success in our careers. However, it’s important for us to continue growing even as professionals if we want our businesses to keep thriving. This means taking classes, reading up on industry news, and staying updated with new trends so that we can stay ahead of the curve. According to Harvard Business Review, actively pursuing knowledge will help us make better decisions and come up with more creative solutions than what would otherwise be possible. For example, the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, took the initiative to attend classes on coding and computer science while he was working at the company, which is likely a factor in why he was chosen as its head executive. His knowledge of technology enabled him to lead the company’s transition into cloud computing and other advanced markets.

2. Be Accountable: According to Samir H Bhatt, a major part of being successful in business is being able to take responsibility for our actions and decisions. This requires us to be honest with ourselves and others when things don’t go according to plan so that we can work together toward more productive solutions. Similarly, personal accountability has also been found to have a positive effect on our lives by improving relationships, helping us reach our goals, and increasing our confidence. According to research cited by Forbes, successful people take responsibility for their decisions rather than blaming others when something goes wrong. One example of this is the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, who was willing to accept blame when his company’s launch of its Fire Phone failed. He took accountability for the failure and immediately began strategizing on how they could make a comeback by focusing their efforts on other products like Echo and Alexa.

Samir H Bhatt’s Concluding Thoughts

As we look to businesses for inspiration and guidance, it’s important, as per Samir H Bhatt, to remember two key things: keep learning and be accountable. Learning is the foundation of ambition, and accountability keeps us honest. Every new lesson, insight, or point we absorb may change our lives forever. And if we do not maintain a sense of personal responsibility when making business decisions, we may end up on the wrong side of success. Taking control of the knowledge available to us today can open up whole new worlds. So don’t forget your roots––learn from those who have made mistakes and use that information to build a bright future for yourself and those around you.